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Class 1 Notes

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1. Introduction to Course


  • Concept of the course:


  • Structure of the course:


  • Assignment for Class 2:

Course "practicums" are hands-on, small-scale exercises that ask students to experiment at a beginner's level with the tools of the digital humanities.  Each practicum should be completed before class, resulting in a "souvenir" of the exercise left on the Student Work site. (General instructions for practicums)


2. Course Web Site


3. Enrollment Business


  • Attendance check against list of registered students.
  • Attendance check against list of students on wait list.
  • Sign-up sheet for other students wishing to crash the course.
  • Instructor policy on enrollment:
    •  To hold a place in the course, students need to come to all 3 of the first classes.
    • The instructor will finalize enrollment, including giving out "add codes" in the third class.
    • In the instructor's experience, people on the wait list or who are crashing who really want to take the course can usually get in by the third class as it becomes clearer who is really in the the course.  That is not a guarantee, but a strong probability.



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