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Class 4 Notes

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Preliminary Class Business





1. "Distant Reading" (continued)



2. Mapping


Readings for Today:


Franco Moretti, Graphs, Maps, Trees, p. 35:


Franco Moretti quote, p. 35 of Graphs, Maps, Trees




  • Moretti on Mapping:
    • (pp. 35-36) "Then you make a map of the book, and everything changes.
    • (p. 38) "A circular system of geography, and a linear one"
    • (p. 39) "But in order to see the pattern..."
    • (p. 53) "What do literary maps do?"
    • (p. 54-56) "This however is not really geography" (geometry vs. geography, diagrams vs. maps)


3. GIS (Geographic Information Systems)


  • Google Earth (and its tools)





4. Mapping in Digital History




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