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Class 6 Notes

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Preliminary Class Business



Form up into teams:

    • Step A: Tell the class about:
      • Your intellectual and literary (or related) interests,
      • Any initial ideas you have for projects,
      • Any relevant skill set or experience.
    • Step B: Talk to each other (get up, move around, etc.)

    • Step C: Form teams


  • Initial team task: meet once outside class before next Thursday to begin brainstorming a project


  • In-class project brainstorming workshop in Class 9




Text Analysis


1. Text Analysis Practicums




2. "2,958 Nineteenth-Century British Novels"




    • (p. 3) the "meaning" problem
    • (p. 4) The "semantic field" approach
    • (p. 5) The historical trend correlation requirement
    • (p. 6) "Correlator" tool
    • (p. 7) Historical Thesaurus of the Oxford English Dictionary
    • (p. 8) word cohort ("semantic field") examples
    • (p. 11) (p. 19): The "discovery"
    • (p. 31) mapping over "understandable units"
    • (p. 35) (p. 37 ff.) Interpretative conclusions



3. The Big Picture


  • Atomic units
  • Molar units (e.g., words arrow right cohorts arrow right cohorts in time arrow right statistical frequencies & concordances)
  • Aggregate views
  • Mapping of aggregate views over "understandable units"
  • Balance between "trained" methods" and "tabula rasa" interpretation
  • Goals: evidence & discovery






























  • Text analysis based on encoding (e.g., WordHoard)


  • Text analysis based on "tabula rasa interpretation" (and machine learning)





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